5 Reasons Why Security Officer Services are needed in Charlotte, NC!

It is no surprise that since 2004 Charlotte, NC and its surrounding cities have been exploding. It does not look to be stopping anytime soon. People from all over the country from different walks of life are joining together in pursuit of opportunities. But as the population increases, so does crime.

We have new commercial property going up, the old property being torn down, and a new neighborhood being built right down the road from each other. Criminals are opportunists and cowards. They will wait to strike the target they perceive to provide the least resistance. Most individuals believe it is the Police Department’s job to protect private property, (commercial or residential) yet this is simply not true. Law Enforcement’s job is to enforce the law. But a crime must have been committed or be in the act of being committed for the police to enforce it.

#1 Security Companies can be a dedicated asset to protecting your property! Technology has gone a long way to protect property with alarm systems, cameras, and 24/7 monitoring for security systems. However, this will only deter crime in your areas. The cowards/criminals will look for easier targets. Cameras are a great asset to have, but they can not delay or prevent criminals from breaking the law on your property.

#2 Security Officers can prevent crime and provide a more accurate report of an incident over a camera by itself! Quality Security Officers also are quality safety officers. They will ensure there is adequate lighting, the fire extinguishers are up to date, doors and windows are secure, and report other safety violations. After all, safety is a part of security. This will allow the property manager to focus on other tasks.

#3 Quality Security Officers will provide daily reports on safety hazards on the premises. They will also be proactive to prevent safety hazards. A quality security company is not just about preventing crime but also having a positive relationship with the property owner/manager of the property they are protecting. Security is a service. No one can provide a quality service without a quality relationship. It is not about bending over backward; it is about working together as a cohesive team between the Security company and the property manager/owner to accomplish the task!

#4 The Security Industry is also in the Relationship Industry The last reason separates a good security company from a great one! A great Security Company will also care about improving the value of your property. We care by providing a quality service to decrease crime, and help improve the safety and aesthetics of the facility. This is done through accountability with the guards, solid relationships with property managers/owners, Integrity with our word, Accuracy in our Reporting, and Vigor in our situational awareness!

#5 A Quality Security Company will also care about your ROI! To show they are worth it! Watchmen Solutions is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that has a passion for hiring Veterans who have already protected this country abroad and now want to protect the community of Charlotte, NC. Our Security Athletes do everything with Integrity, Accuracy, and Vigor! If you would like more information on the Security Solutions we can provide to protect your property CLICK HERE!