Who We Are

Watchmen Solutions is a veteran-owned and operated company. We specialize in hiring Veterans who had a passion for serving their country and now have a passion to serve the local community. Our Security Athlete℠ Team have the Integrity, Accuracy, and Vigor required to provide you with the solutions to your security needs.

The Vision

To inspire positive change in the security industry with our passion for customer service and culture of vigor.

Security Athlete℠

Elevate your security with Watchmen Solutions’ “Security Athlete℠” – a blend of physical prowess, discipline, and dedication surpassing traditional guards. Discover how our elite professionals ensure unparalleled safety. Click for a quote for guarding services or a security consultation, and embrace the future of security excellence today.

Active Patrolling Security

We provide security beyond cameras and chain link fences. Watchmen Solutions provides a quality service to ensure your valuable equipment, tools, and resources are accounted for.

Trusted Experience

We have built our reputation for quality security solutions with years of industry experience. Our team is passionate about safety and security. Let us exceed your expectations!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that providing an excellent customer experience for all our clients is an important aspect of security. The Watchmen Solutions team provides a customer service experience like no other!